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About us

The association of European cleaning machines manufacturers - EUnited Cleaning - represents the leading producers of floor cleaning machines and high pressure cleaners for commercial and industrial use. EUnited Cleaning is a part of the umbrella organisation EUnited AISBL (registration number in the Register of Interest representatives: 0289344948-82) and was founded on 25 January 2006 in Brussels.

The organisation is headed by the General Assembly. The Board consists of eight members, headed by the President and up to three Vice Presidents.

    EUnited Cleaning is the voice of cleaning machines manufacturers in
Europe, representing their views on core issues such as EU Directives within
the European Union.
  EUnited Cleaning is the platform for members to cooperate on international standardisation, world market surveys, public relation, etc.
  EUnited Cleaning is the partner for cleaning machines manufacturers,
informing them about European laws and regulations, publishing their views
on economic and technical issues, organising contacts, etc.

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