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Standardisation Committees

Standardisation Committees

IEC TECHNICAL COMMITTEE TC61: Safety of household and similar electrical appliances

Subcommittee SC61J: Electrical motor-operated cleaning appliances for industrial use
Secretary: Charalambos Freed

Participating countries: Austria, China, Czech Rep., Denmark, Germany, Greece, Italy, Korea, The Netherlands, Portugal, Serbia, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA

Maintenance Team MT1: Maintenance of all IEC 61J Standards
Convenor: Steffen Reiser; represented Companies: FIMAP (IT), Kärcher (DE), Nilfisk A/S (DK, US), Numatic (GB), Tennant (US, NL)

Working Group JWG1: Vacuum cleaners and dust extractors for the collection of dusts which present an explosion risk. Particular requirements for vacuum cleaners and dust extractors providing equipment protection level Dc fort he collection of combustible dusts
Convenor: Charalambos Freed

Working Group WG 2: Functional safety for electrical motor operated cleaning appliances for commercial use.
Convenor: Steffen Reiser

Ad Hoc Group AHG 3: Robotic scrubber dryers.
Convenor: Alessandro Crivellaro

IEC TECHNICAL COMMITTEE TC59: Performance of household and similar electrical appliances

Subcommittee SC59F: Floor treatment appliances
Working Group WG6: Floor treatment machines
Convenor: Charalambos Freed; represented Companies: Hako (DE), FIMAP (IT), Kärcher (DE), Nilfisk-Advance (DK, US), Numatic (GB), Tennant (US, NL), Windsor (US)

: Safety of household and similar electrical appliances
  Working Group WG6: To evaluate any eventual modification to EN 60335-1 for appliances dealt with in CLC TC 61 and falling under the new Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC 
  Working Group WG6/J: To evaluate any eventual modification to standards under the scope of IEC SC61J due to the new Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. 
Convenor: Charalambos Freed

Working Group WG10: To maintain and to revise European safety standards for commercial cleaning machines regarding European legislation relevant for these machines (e.g. MD, ATEX, PED)
Convenor: Charalambos Freed

CLC/TC 59X: Performance of household and similar electrical appliances

CLC/TC 59X/WG 06-03: Commercial surface cleaning appliances
Convenor: Charalambos Freed
CLC/TC 59X/WG 06-04: Durability of suction hoses
Convenor: Charalambos Freed

CEN TECHNICAL COMMITTEE 197: Pumps - Standardization in the field of safety and all others aspects of pumps and pumping machinery for liquids including machines using pumps for their principal mode of action

Subcommittee SC1: Safety

  Working Group WG1: High pressure cleaner
Convenor: Charalambos Freed

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