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EUnited Metallurgy

The European Metallurgical Industry Stimulates Growth Worldwide

EUnited Metallurgy members are technology leaders providing highest innovative quality and process know-how to global markets. Forming the backbone of European economic activities they produce and export manufacturing plants and services, equipment and components along the whole supply chain of ferrous and non-ferrous industries.

Our members network to improve -
we organize their networking

We increase awareness and understanding among decision-makers and policy actors in the European Union institutions.
We cooperate with stakeholders to support industry driven initiatives which stimulate the sustainable performance of metallurgical industries.
We engage in partnerships with process and customer industries on a European level.
We welcome policies that favor the development and testing of industrial innovation in Europe.
We work on common solutions for joint challenges.

Our members foster growth everywhere in the world - we promote their business
and provide information and services

We provide a platform for members, process and customer industries, industry associations and European institutions.
We host working groups to exchange best practice and discuss business issues in key markets.
We organize forums and policy reviews with stakeholders on relevant technical research and business issues.
We engage in debates on technical standards to ensure quality and competitiveness.
We allocate statistical analysis and forecasting to increase your competitive advantage worldwide.
We assist our members by guiding them through European regulations.
We support marketing activities through international exhibitions.

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