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Lechler spray nozzles and systems are used in virtually
every stage of primary metals production and their
performance can have a major impact on product quality
and manufacturing costs. For over 130 years, Lechler has
pioneered developments in spray technology for all
industries, designing, developing and manufacturing
products of outstanding reliability and performance.
All accompanied by expert advice based on a thorough
knowledge gained through experience in providing both
conventional and innovative solutions. Today, Lechler
offers one of the most comprehensive range of spray
nozzles and systems world-wide.

Lechler is a truly international company, offering sales
and technical support througout the world. In addition
to the headquarters in Metzingen, Germany, subsidiary
companies have plants and offices in the UK, France,
Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Spain, USA, India and China.
We also have a network of sales offices and
representatives covering many other countries.
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