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Serving the robotics industry in Europe.
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About us

EUnited Robotics -
The European Robotics Association

        EUnited Robotics is the only robotics association established specifically to serve the robotics industry in Europe. Our members are robot manufacturers, component suppliers, and system integrators creating a network of industry leaders.  We aim to develop, advocate, and communicate topics of industrial relevance in order to support our members, expand Europe’s competitive edge and boost its global economic standing. EUnited Robotics communicates industry's perspective on relevant EU policies and funding issues.  It also serves as liaison between key industry players and the European Commission.

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  Patrick Schwarzkopf
  Fariba Khatami

European Robotics Summit (ERS) 2019 - Trailer: AI-Lab by Gestalt Robotics

European Robotics Summit 2015 - Trailer

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