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Who We Are

Established in 2004, EUnited Robotics members are manufacturers, component suppliers, and system integrators of robotics in Europe. EUnited Robotics provides a cooperation platform among all stakeholders - from research institutes to national associations and customers.

EUnited Robotics is the independent voice of the European Robotics industries. Members are on the driver's seat deciding which activities are needed.

Our Vision

It is a fact that the use of both industrial and service robots is essential for: economic progress, high quality production, cost effectiveness, higher quality of life, and creating better jobs. We at EUnited robotics work not only to further accomplish the above but also to bring about understanding and awareness of these facts, especially regarding the media and the public. EUnited Robotics is the indispensable tool ensuring robotics role as a driver of economic progress and maintaining Europe's leadership in this respect.

Our Mission

  • Providing industry leaders with relevant services and information:
    • Market information, statistical data and analysis
    • EU policies
    • EC Funding
    • Current and future challenges
    • Important relevant news / events
  • Strengthening the position of our member companies in the international markets.
  • Further establishing the service robotics sector to enter new markets and domains.
  • Providing networking opportunities:
    • Information exchange and joint activities for our members.
    • Cooperation platform between all stakeholders - from research institutes to national associations and customers.
    • Networking activities with other important organisations in the European Robotics community, such as euRobotics aisbl, EFFRA aisbl, SPIRE aisbl.

  • Key contact to the European Union, representing the collective view of the robotics industry stakeholders in Europe on relevant issues and topics.
  • Monitoring EU activities and policies, such as EU funding policies, PPPs, KETs,...
  • Actively engaging in European trade fair policy
  • Marketing and PR support for members through:
    • Using the website
    • Active involvement and representation in international exhibitions and events
    • Generating press releases
    • Media and press contacts

Join us. Take part in planning the future of your industry.

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