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Who can become a member of EUnited Robotics?
EUnited Robotics comprises all EUnited members who are commercially active in the field of robotics. Companies in the robotics sector are primarily manufacturers of robots, robotic components, and system integrators.

Who can become a cooperation partner of EUnited Robotics?
Associations, research institutes and end-users can become cooperation partners and fully participate in all activities, but without any voting rights.  (Annual fee: € 4,000)

Special membership offer for SME's involved in Service Robotics:
EUnited Robotics is committed to the further establishment of the service robotics sector and facilitating its entry into new markets and domains. Therefore, service robot companies are offered a special fee of:
  • €500 for the first year
  • €1,000 for the second year
  • Membership fee based on annual turnover after the second year 

Regular annual membership fees:
Full members (right to vote)
(Robot manufacturers, system integrators):

For turnover up to € 25 mil:             € 5,000
For turnover of € 25 mil up to € 50 mil:   € 7,500
For turnover of € 50 mil up to € 250 mil:   € 10,000
For turnover more than € 250 mil:   € 15,000
For cooperation partners (no right to vote)
(end-users, national associations,
research institutes):
  € 4,000

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