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GŘdel_Spiderman of the factory floor

Spiderman of the factory floor

Gripping, load/unloading, stacking or guiding: so simple, so precise, and so flexible. The roboFlex, an articulated arm robot from the Swiss company G├╝del AG, works around all obstacles and ash; mounted overhead.

With its roboFlex articulated arm robot, G├╝del AG, based in Langenthal, Switzerland, has succeeded in combining the advantages of a gantry solution with the flexibility of an articulated arm robot: a ballerina designed to position workpiece grippers and process heads in any plane and at any angle. Three things are special about the roboFlex: Firstly, it is combined with a gantry. Complete access to the machinery is ensured, the floor space required is minimal, the robot arm comes from above, and there are no obstructions from machinery - not even from the roboFlex itself.

Secondly, it is agile and flexible. The linear axis provides the roboFlex with a great working range. Its kinematics allows movement through the narrowest and most contorted of working spaces. The half-rotation movement about the vertical axis, typical for other articulated arm robots, is not required with the roboFlex. This saves time and space, because it can grip forwards or backwards directly in relation to the horizontal plane, or from below, whilst its articulation system allows any shape to be gripped. In dynamics and speed, the roboFlex is a match for traditional solutions. And thirdly - it has an 80 to 120 kg load capacity, depending on arm length.

G├╝del has packed a great deal of artificial intelligence into the compact roboFlex gripper hand. The robot's kinematics and changeable arm lengths mean that it can be optimally configured to suit the working space and surroundings. Thus the roboFlex is perfect for specialist uses such as end of line racking (stacking pressed components), metal forming, cutting and joining processes, and for loading and unloading machines.

No-one is surprised that this smart solution was designed by G├╝del. G├╝del AG is one of the world's leading gantry robot manufacturers and a specialist in complex, diverse and custom-built machinery and developments in factory and press automation, and robotics. The roboFlex represents a logical completion of the product portfolio and facilitates new and innovative solutions. This applies to manufacturing and logistics alike. With its subsidiaries in the most important markets, G├╝del AG is an established partner for globally active companies.

Further information can be found at:

G├╝del AG
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Industrie Nord
CH-4900 Langenthal
Thomas Fr├Âlich

+41 62 916 92 57
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