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January 2018

Call for applications - euRobotics Technology Transfer Award

Deadline: January 28, 2018

The aim of the "2018 euRobotics Technology Transfer Award" is to showcase the impact of robotics research and to raise the profile of technology transfer between science and industry. In this context “technology transfer” describes the process of converting scientific findings from research into innovative products, processes and services by the commercial sector.

Outstanding/high impact innovations in robot technology and automation that result from cooperative efforts between research and industry are eligible for the prize. Applications are invited from individuals or teams who are associated with:

• Industry, if technology transfer has taken place in Europe.
• European universities, research organizations and laboratories

Important: Please see the euRobotics-website for more info on what the “euRobotics Technology Transfer-Award” is about and how to apply.

The complete application should be sent to by 28 January 2018. Submitted applications will be evaluated by a jury consisting of members from industry and academia/research.

The presentations and the ceremony for the 2018 euRobotics Technology Transfer Award will take place at the 2018 European Robotics Forum in Tampere, most likely on 14 March 2018 (exact date/location to be communicated). In a “Technology Transfer Session” the finalists will each have 15 minutes to present their projects, plus a few minutes discussion time. Based on both the written applications and the presentations, the jury will determine the winners.

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