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March 2015

European Robotics Industry Meets Silicon Valley and China

European Robotics Summit

United Robotics organized its 1st European Robotics Summit uniting 45 top industry executives on 3-4 March 2015 at Eberbach Monastery (near Frankfurt).

 "There was an overdue need to fill in the gap and involve industry decision-makers in the process of evaluating where we stand, what our industry's needs are, where we are headed, and where the opportunities and risks lie." said Henrik Schunk, Chairman of EUnited Robotics and Managing Partner of Schunk GmbH & Co. KG.

The ancient monks of the 850 year old monastery could have never imagined that one day their historical abbey at Eberbach would be host to this unique event carefully chosen to spark reflection. 

Invited participants appreciated having the possibility to look at various topics from different angles, such as big data and IoT, robotics in China and Silicon Valley, as well as the blurred lines between industrial and service robotics.

"During this intensive one and a half days, we've all come to realize how important it is to have a platform like this enabling us to work together and to exchange ideas and experiences.  The summit provided us with food for thought in addition to a stepping stone in the right direction.", stated Henrik Schunk.

The mix of topics, presentations, discussions, interactive sessions, and many questions that were raised definitely proved the need for further work and follow-up.

Patrick Schwarzkopf, Director of EUnited Robotics mentioned "We at EUnited Robotics have started an important dialogue.  Participants are now encouraged to draw their own conclusions as to what strategy best fits their company's needs."

To get a real impression, see a short video of the summit at the top right hand side.

Presentations are available for download for participants only.

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