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November 2017

Technology from South Westphalia helps to cut down on CO2 and save money

More than 20,000 participants gathered in Bonn up until the weekend for the World Climate Conference. Dr. Peter Liese, the CDU member of the European Parliament for South Westphalia, also took part in the meeting as the environmental spokesman for his parliamentary party. “The most important signal from the Bonn Climate Conference is that the world stands united and, despite the announcement from President Trump to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, is continuing to work on the implementation of the agreement”, confirmed Peter Liese.

The European Union is currently specifically working on this issue. An important area is the improvement of energy efficiency in buildings. “Companies from South Westphalia offer technical solutions to cut down on CO2 and save money at the same time especially in this area,” explained Peter Liese during a press conference with representatives from IMI Hydronic Engineering Deutschland GmbH (also known under the brand name Heimeier) from Erwitte, Oventrop GmbH & Co from Olsberg, as well as representatives from the EUnited Valves Industry Association and NRW Consumer Association.
The installation of thermostatic valves, for example, is a very simple measure. This has been compulsory in Germany since the 1970s but this is not yet the case in many other European countries. 4 out of 10 radiators are still fitted with single valves. Peter Liese therefore convinced the officials in the European Parliament that these valves must be standardised throughout Europe. According to a study conducted by the Ecofys Institute, this could save the same amount of greenhouse gas emissions that are produced by more than 15 million cars per year.

The amount of CO2 (31 million tons) saved through the installation of thermostatic valves is greater than the amount that has been achieved so far through all the legislative measures enforced by the European Union for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from cars (26.8 million tons). Peter Liese is now appealing to the Member States and the European Commission to support the corresponding request.

IMI Hydronic Engineering and Oventrop are among the three market leaders in thermostatic vales in the European Union. Every homeowner can carry out many other measures that are extremely cost-effective and can be recouped in a few months to a maximum of two years. For example, the so-called hydraulic balance that means a better adjustment of the different radiators in a building.

“We see that by replacing the millions of simple radiator valves that have been installed in Europe with thermostatic valves or other devices for room temperature control this will make a significant contribution to achieving the global and in particular the European climate protection goals”, emphasised Heinz Eckard Beele, IMI Hydronic Engineering Deutschland GmbH.

Johannes Rump and Georg Rump from the Board of Management at Oventrop concluded the following: “The climate protection goals and cost savings for citizens can be optimally combined with the measures presented here, such as the installation of thermostatic valves. However, these measures should not be limited to Germany. We are grateful to Dr. Liese that he is committed accordingly on a European level. Moreover, modern thermostatic valves bring additional energy savings compared with valves that are 20 or 30 years old. It's also worth replacing them for this reason.”

NRW Consumer Association conducted a state-wide campaign to promote the use of thermostatic valves in the autumn of 2017. “This showed that the topic really appeals to consumers and this energy-saving ruling is enthusiastically implemented. It would therefore be a shame if this cost-effective technology is not used throughout Europe”, explained Carsten Peters, an energy consultant at the NRW Consumer Association.

The NRW Consumer Association offers information on how you can save money and make a personal contribution to climate protection, amongst other things (

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