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January 2017

White paper of ARGE Neue Medien: WELL and UBA positive list have both been integrated

According to the white paper on the data quality guideline of ARGE Neue Medien published on 12 De-cember, the WELL label for the identification of energy efficiency and the UBA positive list have both been in-tegrated as features in the master database. The WELL label can be uploaded from the database as ad-ditional information. With respect to the UBA positive list, it must be specified for each product whether it is subject to the UBA positive list. If yes, it can be speci-fied in a further step whether the requirements are met; additional documents can be uploaded, if necessary.

According to information of ARGE Neue Medien, implementation is to be expected by mid-Febru-ary 2017. From then on, the corresponding information can be made available.
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