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October 2017

Winter is coming – EPBD may raise comfort & saving

Amendment on individual room temperature control in energy efficiency of buildings directive accepted in Parliament report

Parliaments ITRE committee votes in favor of Liese amendment (EPP) on individual room temperature control

It is a simple truth that you sometimes don’t realize what you have – being able to set the temperature for the heating system in each individual room is one of these things. You just set your radiator valve to 2 in the bedrooms, 3 in the living room and 4 in the bathroom. This thermostatic radiator valve - that works without any additional energy - is a device so simple, we easily take it for granted. 

However, 4 out of 10 radiators in Europe are not equipped with such a thermostatic valve, but with a simple valve, not counting those without any valve at all. In that case your only chance to regulate the room temperature is to be in the room and either open and close a window or the valve until you have the desired temperature.

To have thermostatic radiator valves installed and thus individual room temperature control, costs on average 40€ per valve. Money you on average save in only two years with the energy saving. After that, you just save the extra money.

So energy saving does not have to be expensive or high sophisticated. It can be very low cost and easy.

In the current revision process of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive in the European Parliament EPP member Dr. Peter Liese submitted an amendment suggesting to require this basic comfort and energy saving feature for every European citizen: Individual room temperature control. 

On October 11th 2017, the committee of Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE) accepted this proposed amendment.

EUnied Valves -the European Valve Manufacturers Association- has supported the amendment by MEP Dr. Liese and celebrates its success. 
Now let us hope this achievement will not be lost in the following trilogue negotiations.

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