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Vehicle Cleaning Industry

The vehicle cleaning systems sector is a highly specialised area which offers highly sophisticated solutions for its customers. State of the art technology, excellent processing and the development of new areas of application, secure the European manufacturers a good position within the scope of international competition.

The vehicle cleaning systems technology comprises a wide variety of machine groups in the field of vehicle cleaning systems. Vehicle cleaning systems have a wide range of applications:

• Cleaning of cars
• Cleaning of buses, trucks
• Cleaning of mining vehicles
• Cleaning of military vehicles
Cleaning of chassis, tires and wheels
• Cleaning of tanks of transport vehicles
• Cleaning of airplanes

Within the cleaning technology field, one differentiates between the four varying basic processes: sweeping, vacuuming, scrubbing and high pressure cleaning.
Basic tools used for mechanical cleaning are, rotating brushes and vacuuming airflow (suction). Water plays a very important role in this because on the one hand it serves, operates as a solvent for dirt and on the other hand is used in a sense, like a tool. A combination of several cleaning processes is, therefore, possible and is essential for economical usage.

In addition, the market also expects detailed services. Based on the wide range of possibilities in the usage of vehicle cleaning systems, a qualified consultation and customer care is carried out by the manufacturers. Furthermore, our industry offers a broad range of services: maintenance and repair, service and service-hotline, disposal /recycling of machines, used machines-trading, leasing/renting of machines and additional special services.




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