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January 2017

Important differentiation: commissioning and putting into service

EUnited Metallurgy has worked out a Position Paper that provides concrete suggestions to establish a common understanding for a complementary, coherent and consistent interpretation of the MD regarding "commissioning", and "putting into service" (CE marking) of metallurgical machinery/plant.

These two steps in the life cycle of metallurgical machinery/plant must be clarified, because different points of understanding regarding commissioning (as a period of time, e. g., in situ manufacture, trial operation, performance test, without the machine having to conform to the MD) and putting into service (as a point in time, i. e., CE marking) according to the MD are existing.

Metallurgical machinery/plants are assembled and commissioned on site. In this context, the question who is responsible for the commissioning phase and putting into service (CE marking) always needs to be answered. Especially regarding the MD, the consequences are often being controversially discussed.

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