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EUnited Robotics Bringing Industry to the Table

Robotics Public-Private Partnership in Horizon 2020

EUnited Robotics is proud to have set the stage in 2011 initiating discussions between the key industry players and the European Commission to establish a public-private partnership in robotics.
The European Robotics Public Private Partnership (PPP) is the teaming up of the robotics industry, research, academia and the European Commission to launch a joint research, development and innovation programme in order to strengthen the position of European robotics as a whole. 
The Robotics PPP was officially launched by the European Commission on December 17, 2013, along with seven other PPPs. The total budget devoted to the PPP in robotics is around €700 million in Horizon 2020 (the new EU Research and Innovation Programme) running from 2014 - 2020.

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