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EUnited Robotics, Partner to RockEU CA - Evaluating Trade Fairs for Promotion of Service Robotics

RockEU Coordination Action (CA)

RockEU (Robotics Coordination Action for Europe) is an FP7 project to support activities related to the planned PPP for robotics in Europe, such as the Strategic Research Agenda 2020 on robotics, the related multi-annual roadmap, as well as networking activities of euRobotics AISBL. RockEU CA has a duration of 3 1/2 years and welcomes the involvement of the whole European robotics community.

RockEU project has been conceived with three main objectives:

- Coordinating European robotics technology roadmapping and innovation
- Fostering collaboration among all stakeholders of European robotics
- Promoting European robotics

The policy of the consortium behind this Coordination Action is based on best practices and lessons learned in recent community-driven activities, such as the industry-led EUROP platform, academic network "EURON", and the Coordination Actions:  CARE (Coordination Action for Robotics in Europe), euRobotics (European Robotics Coordination Action).

The following concrete activities are planned in form of workpackages (WP) to reach this project’s goals:

- Robotics roadmap coordination (WP 1) with broad engagement of the community and high quality assurance through Topic Groups
- PPP in robotics preparation and ramp-up (WP2) including the implementation of an advisory group where the private and public sides discuss and define funding profiles for topics to be targeted and the setting up of a Supervisory Board overseeing the whole process from a high level (CEO- /CTO-/ Commissioner perspective)
- Facilitating robotics innovation (WP3) through a number of activities, such as promoting entrepreneurship, exploring socio-economic drivers, analysing the impact of robotics RTD, as well as pushing standardisation activities and addressing ELS issues
- Robotics networking (WP4) where the development of studies as well as the organisation of networking events, workshops and conferences is supported, newsletters are created, international collaboration is promoted, and the cooperation and coordination with related PPPs, ETPs and other bodies is managed
- Dissemination and outreach (WP5) activities will help to raise the profile of European robotics, especially by professional branding, public relation activities and the promotion of service robotics exhibitions

EUnited Robotics is one of the partners in RockEU CA in charge of evaluating trade fairs for the purpose of promoting service robotics.

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