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Scarcely any branch of industry is so tied into the economy as a whole as is the valves sector. Its manufacturing programme ranges from the humble tap to high quality regulators, and the spectrum of product applications embraces a wide variety of media, temperatures, pressures and states of aggregation.

In spite of this, there are few technical products whose appreciation and actual technical importance are so undervalued by their users as are the industrial valves featured here. Without their inconspicuous operation, it would be impossible to run chemical plants, refineries or power stations; only thanks to valves can planned processes in a plant be realised.

The valve industry is a classic ancillary sector which makes a significant contribution to the advance of its customers. Its products are components of plant and pipeline engineering and, as such, are not always easily recognizable. Valves assume the key functions of shutting off, control, regulation and protection. They are thus critical factors in safety, precision and reliability and are found in virtually every branch of industry and supply, such as the supply and treatment of water, the chemical and petrochemical industry, oil and gas supply, pharmaceuticals, the energy sector, biotechnology and environmental protection.

There are five basic types of valves: gate valves, butterfly valves, globe valves, ball and plug valves and diaphragm valves. As well as requiring a knowledge of valves and their properties, the selection of the right type of valve for each application depends on an overall view of the valve as a component in a complete system. For a valve to perform the tasks demanded of it reliably, all the requirements imposed by the plant, operating conditions, function and design have to be taken into consideration when making this selection.

Thanks to the creativity of its engineers and the high level of skill of its employees, the European valve industry has been satisfying these and other changing and ever-increasing demands successfully for over a hundred and fifty years. The innovative advances and diversity of the European brand manufacturers of industrial valves have been dictated throughout by the sector’s close working relationship with the user and consistent orientation to the latter’s requirements and wishes. Whether conveying aggressive acids, alkalis or sludges, toxic or abrasive media or operating at extreme temperatures and in difficult pressure conditions, European brand manufacturers of industrial valves execute the required functions reliably and precisely.

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