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Technical Recommendation

Technical Recommendations from EUnited Cleaning are semi-standards for issues that are not adequately covered by European or international standards. They have been prepared by the Technical Committee of EUnited Cleaning, which represents the leading European manufacturers of commercial cleaning machines.

During the preparation of documents, all interested parties are invited to comment the proposals published and to participate in the discussion.


TR 34001

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)



TR 34001 Ed. 2 March 2010


This document recommends those European standards for electromagnetic compatibility that must be taken into consideration to fulfil the essential requirements of European Directive 2004/108/EC on the electromagnetic compatibility of cleaning machines.




TR 34002

Machinery Directive Guideline



TR 34002 Ed. 1 March 2010



This Technical Recommendation drafted by the European cleaning machines industry defines requirements and recommends measures in addition to existing European and international standards.




TR 34003

Wheel pressure in floor cleaning machines



Withdrawn. Contend implemented in IEC 62885-9.

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