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Welcome to EUnited: The European Engineering Industries Association

Welcome to EUnited, Europe’s only direct company membership association supporting the global competitiveness of European equipment suppliers.

We speak for companies that design and produce specialist machinery and equipment operated in advanced factories all over the world to produce, to automate and monitor, to transport, to recycle, to power, or for cleaning and maintenance purposes. A vast range of industrial and consumer goods and innumerable processes along complex supply chains (from extraction to re-use) depend on advanced manufacturing equipment, which largely determines performance in terms of productivity, energy and resource utilisation. 

EUnited provides a channel for companies to communicate with the European Institutions and partner organisations and to articulate the role of equipment suppliers in technical standards development, policy formulation, trade issues and legislation. Within a single European association, member companies are organised in four sectors which are Cleaning, Municipal Equipment, Robotics and Vehicle Cleaning. 

EUnited - European Engineering Industries Association,
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Transparency Register number: 0289344948-82
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