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Relevant Standards

EN 60335: Safety of household and similar electrical appliances

Particular requirements for cleaning machines


EN 60335-1 

General requirements


EN 60335-2-67

Requirements for floor treatment and floor cleaning machines for commercial use


EN 60335-2-68

Requirements for spray extraction machines for commercial use


EN 60335-2-69

Requirements for wet and dry vacuum cleaners, including power brush, for commercial use


EN 60335-2-72

Requirements for automatic machines for floor treatment for commercial use


EN 60335-2-79

Requirements for high pressure cleaners and steam cleaners, for household and commercial use having a pressure ≥ 25 bar and ≤ 350 bar

EN 1829: High pressure water jet machines - Safety requirements

Maximum allowable working pressure > 350 bar


EN 1829-1

EN 1829-2   Hoses, hose lines and connectors

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