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EUnited Cleaning Scrubber Drier Performance Label
EUnited Cleaning Scrubber Drier Performance Label is developed by the leading manufacturers of cleaning machines in Europe and is based on Technical Specification TS 35000 and international standard IEC/EN 62826, both living documents. The test is used to label and identify the scrubber drier machines that have high cleaning efficiency whilst using the least amount of water and energy. 
How does the test work?
Two test tiles are soiled with protein-based dirt. The soil consists mainly of wheat and milk and is an example of soils typically found in commercial facilities like supermarkets. The soiled tiles are cleaned with the scrubber drier and the cleaning efficiency is determined via the difference in light readings of the tiles before and after cleaning. The light readings are measured using a spectrophotometer. 
Is every single machine tested?
The test is done on model basis. The high standards in production within the company mean that there will be no significant variations between the different units of one model. The testing of models is a common method that is used across industries to test quality of products.
What does the label claim?
The label itself must be viewed as the cleaning machine industry’s commitment to create a sustainable future as well as a clean environment. It is paramount to the involved companies that a resource efficient cleaning is a necessary step to adapt to future energy needs. 
Participating companies:
11, namely: Columbus, Comac S.p.A, Diversey Europe BV EMA Headquarters, Ghibli S.p.A., Hako GmBH, Alfred Kärcher SE & CO. KG, Nilfisk A/S, Numatic International Ltd., RCM S.p.A., Tennant Europe N.V., Wetrock AG. 

Update - July 2021
The newest version of the Green Cleaning Manual is now available in the members' extranet.


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