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Sector Groups

EUnited's Sector Groups

EUnited Metallurgy

EUnited Metallurgy brings together the European suppliers of plants, mechanical and electrical equipment, components, automation solutions and services for: Processing of raw materials, Iron-making and other reduction processes, Steel and non-ferrous metal production, Casting of steel and non-ferrous metals, Rolling of flat and long products, Metal processing and finishing, Environmental protection.
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EUnited Robotics

EUnited Robotics was founded by major robot producers as a new European robotics association on 16 June 2004. The foundation took place during the AUTOMATICA 2004 in Munich. The companies which acted as founding members of this new and industry driven European platform are ABB, Comau, Fanuc, Güdel, KUKA and Reis.
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EUnited Cleaning

EUnited Cleaning provides pertinent information and offers networking services to leading manufacturers of floor cleaning machines and high pressure cleaners for professional and industrial use.  Main activities are giving unified information on technical issues on EU Directives and Standardisation but also international market statistics as well as a business climate indicator and support of certain trade fairs in emerging markets.
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EUnited Municipal Equipment

EUnited Municipal Equipment supports leading manufacturers of mobile machines that are used in municipalities and other public areas. These include companies manufacturing road sweepers, winter maintenance equipment and refuse collection vehicles for household and industrial waste. EUnited Municipal Equipment since its foundation in 2005 has been active in advising regarding standardisation, technical regulations and harmonisation.
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EUnited Vehicle Cleaning

EUnited Vehicle Cleaning represents the leading European manufacturers of vehicle cleaning systems and is the platform for members to cooperate on international standardisation, world market surveys, technical issues, and public relation. Furthermore, EUnited Vehicle Cleaning informs about European laws and regulations, organises contacts, and represents the members' views on core issues within the European Union.

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