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Our company, ISRA - Intelligent Systems Robotics and Automation - transforms years of fundamental research into industrial progress. Our innovative core competencies lie in the development of user-specific software for sophisticated, intelligent Machine Vision systems, firmeware & hardware. The result: ISRA-BrainWARE®. In the future, Machine Vision systems - will be the key technology for the automation of nearly all industries.
ISRA\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s ambition is to become the world market leader in technological competency and efficiency for Robot Vision and Surface Vision in all relevant markets. With a focus on current product development and new applications, the company continuously strives to venture into new industries and areas of competency.  We offer efficient Machine Vision solutions for automation of highly complex tasks in the following important areas:Robot Vision - Seeing in The Third Dimension. Robot guidance for difficult tasks such as positioning, assembly, handling or paint finishing. Our portfolio of internationally unique solutions ranges from 2 D to 6 D. Surface Vision - Guaranteed quality with 100% inspection of glass, foils, and plastics at high speeds or complex paint finished surfaces (such as car bodies, home appliances, components). Cost effective, fast, reliable, repeatable control of objective criteria.Quality Inspection - Quality control for part inspection, code identification, and measurement technologies in real-time production. Our success is due to hundreds of successfully installed projects for well-known customers in the glass, automotive, plastics, non-wovens, foil, film and logistics industries.
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ISRA Vision AG
Industriestr. 14
64297 Darmstadt
+49 (6151) 948-0
EUnited - European Engineering Industries Association,
BluePoint Building, Boulevard A. Reyers 80, , 1030 Brussels, Belgium, +32 27 06 84 21
Transparency Register number: 0289344948-82
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