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TruPhysics develops simulation software solutions to support robot development and its control programs by using a real-time and high-resolution physics simulation.

TruPhysics is an owner-managed company that was founded in 2014 at the institute of automation and software engineering of University Stuttgart.

In the beginning there was one simple question: how can plants and industrial robots be build and put in operation in a safer, faster and more cost-efficient way with the help of simulation? Based on that TruPhysics developed a software that is capable of depicting robots and plants in a user-friendly and realtime CAD-related FEM-simulation.

In times of „Industry 4.0“ the demands for the manufacturing industry have increased drastically. Shorter product life cycles and faster time-to-market intervals require new strategies and approaches. The software solutions of TruPhysics carry on the idea of „digital factory“ by simulating and adjusting automation and control processes already before commissioning and implementation. Thereby TruPhysics particularly addresses their customers needs and sets standards regarding digital production processes.
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TruPhysics GmbH
Nobel Straße 15
70569 Stuttgart
+49 711 31537075
Albert Groz
Managing Director/CEO
EUnited - European Engineering Industries Association,
BluePoint Building, Boulevard A. Reyers 80, , 1030 Brussels, Belgium, +32 27 06 84 21
Transparency Register number: 0289344948-82
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