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September 2018 | Robotics

New "Future of Jobs" Report by the World Economic Forum gives positive outlook on net effects of automation

The World Economic Forum has just published a new edition of its "Future of Jobs" Report. The findings are based on the views of HR and C-level executives... read more

September 2018 | Robotics

Strengthening Europe with smart and intelligent robotics - the third European Robotics Summit

The third European Robotics Summit will take place on March 12-13, 2019, at the Eberbach Monastery in Eltville (near Frankfurt), Germany. This dynamic... read more

August 2018 | Robotics

Conclusion of EuRoC project's four-year journey

In 2014, a consortium consisting of the leading robotics companies and research institutions in Europe launched the European Robotics Challenges... read more

June 2018 | Robotics

Putting faces to the jobs at risk of automation

OECD published a new study on the potential effects of automation and artificial intelligence on employment. The research paper sheds light on the number of... read more

June 2018 | Robotics

Digitalisation Creates Jobs but Needs Targeted Support

Digital transformation is creating more jobs than it is destroying, but still poses many challenges for establishments and workers alike. The diffusion of... read more

June 2018 | Robotics

New studies on automation and future of work

ZEW and OECD studies give positive outlook and policy recommendations read more

June 2018 | Robotics

EU to set up expert groups on AI and new technologies

The European Commission is currently setting up a series of expert groups and committes to get expert input on Artificial intelligence, new and emerging... read more

June 2018 | Robotics

Evaluation of the Machinery Directive

The European Commission published an evaluation report on the Machinery Directive on May 7th 2018. The conclusion of the Evaluation Report indicates that the... read more
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