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CMI Industry designs, integrates, supplies and upgrades
industrial equipment in the mechanical, thermal and
chemical fields of the steel industry.

CMI Industry supplies steelmakers with cold rolling mill
complexes and all their related equipment. Designed by
CMI, these facilities are based on state-of-the-art
technologies for the production of increasingly
sophisticated flat carbon steel. Some of these
technologies are also available for processing other
products such as stainless and electrical steel, or long

Lastly, CMI Industry also provides various industries with
technological solutions for reducing their environmental
footprint: reduction of energy consumption and
polluting emissions (liquid, fumes or solids), and
recovery of waste heat in production cycles.

Product Profile

  • Pickling lines for long and flat products

  • Rolling mills for flat products

  • Processing lines (CAL, CGL, EGL, CCL, ECL, Dual lines, combination lines, etc.)

  • Reheat furnaces for hot rolling mills

  • Heat treatment furnaces for various industries (forging, etc.)

  • Solutions for industrial liquid effluents treatment

  • Solutions for air, gas and fumes treatment

  • Solutions for energy efficiency enhancement
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CMI Industry
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