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August 2018

Draught in Europe - European tap manufacturers help reducing drinking water shortage as well as unnecessary CO2 emissions

Brussels, 2 August 2018 – In times of accelerating climate change waste of water and energy needs to be prevented as far as possible without remarkably cutting comfort for European citizens.

For more than five years now many well-known European tap and showerhead manufactures have managed to create state-of-the-art solutions to overcome the balancing-act of saving water and energy without decreasing comfort by offering high-tech products which use much less water - and energy when hot water is needed – but keeping almost the same level of comfort at the time.

The corresponding features of those products have been tested by specialised laboratories and have been certified within the Europe-wide ‘WELL-Scheme’. The ‘WELL’ Water Efficiency Label is a non-profit scheme run by EUnited Valves which is sector group of the European association EUnited AISBL in Brussels.
‘WELL’ classifies products regarding their water and energy consumption covering:

  • Wash basin valves
  • Shower valves
  • Urinal flush systems
  • WC flush systems
  • Accessories

Currently 261 products from 17 companies are registered under the ‘WELL’ scheme. The participating companies represent more than 80 percent in turnover of sanitary valves in Europe.

Within the framework of EU regulation on labelling of energy related products, the European Commission considers introducing a performance label for taps and showerheads. Whether such a label will come into force or not and whether it would be of voluntary or mandatory kind is still unknown.
However, having established ‘WELL’ on the market the European sanitary valve industry has in fact already carried out the Commissions main goal and therefore strongly suggest a consistent use of the well-working voluntary WELL label and to welcome official support in promoting the scheme even further.
In this context EUnited Valves refer to EU President Junckers ‘Less is more campaign’:

Further information on WELL:


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