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Technical Matters

Technical Matters

One of EUnited Valves central concerns includes technical matters, such as European legislation or international standardisation.

June 2018

Statement to REACH

listing lead as SVHC-substance

The relevant EU Committee of Member States at the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has agreed with Sweden's proposal to include lead in the list of substances of very high concern (SVHC list). Identification as SVHC substance is the first step in the REACH approval process. The decision of the EU Committee was implemented on 25.06.2018. The SVHC list currently contains 181 substances of which 43 are already on the list of substances subject to authorisation (Annex XIV):
Consequences of the SVHC listing: Communication obligations
The listing of lead as an SVHC substance does currently not mean neither a prohibition nor request for approval. However, there are direct effects for manufacturers and suppliers of products. They must comply with certain communication obligations under the REACH Regulation:
If the lead content exceeds the concentration limit of 0.1% (mass percentage) in a product, the commercial customer must be informed automatically, an information about the exact concentration is not necessary.
For complex products, such as valves, which consist of several components, it should be noted that the reference quantity for the calculation of the 0.1% limit is not the mass of the entire composite product, but the mass of each individual component. The obligation to provide information under REACH Article 33 thus already applies if the lead concentration in the smallest component exceeds 0.1%.
Moreover, labeling on the product is not necessary – this means, there is no need to label that it contains an SVHC-substance.
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