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Water is more than the elixir of life that is used as drinking water. Water is also a heat-accumulator in our heating systems.

Parallel to the rapid technical developments in environment-friendly and energy-saving heating techniques, the valve industry has in recent years optimised its products by constant further developments in the same direction and beyond.

This will be apparent, in the same way as sanitary valves, from the attractive design of the newer thermostatic radiator valves. Beauty alone, however, is not sufficient, particularly here, to make an impact on international competition.

European brand manufacturers of valves understand and design their products as part of a heating installation which should meet all the requirements of ease of operation, regulating comfort and not least an optimal distribution of heat.

This results in qualitative solutions, not only in the connection of radiators or the programme capability of room thermostats orientated to need. As part of a careful co-ordination of all the installation components, special valves, such as automatic line differential pressure regulators and volume governors, as well as combinations of these, all enable radiators, with the least possible expenditure of energy, in fact to give off the heat desired with the setting of the thermostatic valve. This, combined with the support of the designers, the heating engineers and installers with dependable design aids and EDP programmes, shows durably that the European brand valve industry acknowledges the tradition of quality, safety and responsibility.

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