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31 May 2021

EUnited Cleaning Sector Technical Recommendation on Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) (with relevant standards for commercial cleaning machines)

The Technical Committee of the EUnited Cleaning sector has produced the 3rd edition of a technical recommendation on Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) which is available to sector members. In addition to existing European and international standards, this document defines the technical requirements and recommends measures to be used by manufacturers of professional cleaning machines to meet adequate electromagnetic compatibility for their products.


The document provides a background to the introduction of this technical recommendation which was brought about primarily in response to the increased use of electronic devices in areas where cleaning machines operate and the subsequent need to ensure that said cleaning machines are provided with sufficient immunity to external electromagnetic fields. Other factors such as the rise in the number of cleaning machines being fitted with electrical and electronic devices, and the emergence of high frequency electrical disturbances during the normal operation of many parts of the cleaning machines and systems also demonstrated the need for a specific technical recommendation.


This document identifies which existing international and European standards are applicable to cleaning machines in relation to this EMC technical recommendation. In addition to this, the document cites the most recent normative references for related European and international standards (up to May 2021), and identifies the specific appliances within the scope of the listed EMC safety standards.


Members can contact Frederik King ( to request a copy of this technical recommendation or for related questions.

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