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26 July 2021

New EUnited Green Cleaning Manual: Performance Test TS 35000

The EUnited Cleaning sector has recently published the updated manual on the EUnited Green Cleaning performance test. This test is used to identify and label scrubber dryer machines that have high cleaning efficiency.

The Green Cleaning performance test has been developed by the leading manufacturers of cleaning machines in Europe. Scrubber dryer machines which successfully pass this test obtain the EUnited Green Cleaning certificate and have the right to carry our Green Cleaning label.

This cleaning efficiency test concerns both machines with or without traction drive. The manual outlines the scope of the green cleaning certificate itself and provides a detailed describtion of the 6 key steps required when setting up this performance test. These steps are as follows:

Step 1: Test floor preparation

With the aid of a detailed diagram, this section of the manual clearly defines the requirements for the type of floor surface to be used in the performance test.

Step 2: Composition and preparation of the test soil

In this section, the manual describes the exact type of soil to be used in the test. Detailed information on the composition and preparation of this protein-based soil is also provided here.

Step 3: Preparation of tiles

This section of the manual sets out the precise instructions for cleaning the floor tiles in preparation for the test. With the aid of images, this section describes the required steps for laying out the reference marks on the test floor tiles, the loading of the foam application with soil, the application of the soil onto the tile, and the storage of soil.

Step 4: Measurement

As the set-up of this measuring section is very precise, a number of images are used in this section to illustrate each step of the measuring station set-up.

Following on from the set-up of the measuring station, this section then provides details about the measurement conditions of the scrubber dryers to be tested. This includes the speed of the scrubber dryers filling the solution tank, the type of scrubbing pad to be used, and the measurement instructions as the scrubber dryer undergoes the test. A number of diagrams are included to show examples for adjustment of the sampling area.

Step 5: Determination of cleaning efficiency

This section goes into great detail about the acceptance criteria which is used to determine the cleaning efficiency of the scrubber dryer being tested. The cleaning efficiency is calculated according to a precise mathematical formula.

Step 6: Equipment list

The final section of the manual provides a list of the specific equipment (including model and size) used during the test. This list includes equipment such as tiles, spectrophotometer, the brush for distribution of soil, the pipette and syringe for dispensing liquid soil component, precision balance, miscellaneous laboratory supplies, and optional laboratory equipment for additional measurements.


The full manual is available to all EUnited Cleaning sector members in the members extranet.
Members can contact Frederik King ( for any related questions about the manual.




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