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March 2021

European Robotics Summit 2021 - Part One: A new breed of robots

A new generation of robots is emerging fast and is now actually ready to use. The headlines range from “no-code robotics” and “low-cost robots” to “democratizing robots” and “robotics platforms and toolkits”. Some of these approaches are just much simpler to adopt, others are especially cost-efficient for specific “good enough” market needs. Others are “compliant”, use AI, or redefine dexterity. What they have in common is their ability to create new application fields.

But where are the limits? What can this new breed of robotics really do? What are the trade-offs? The discussion is multifaceted.

Join us at the 4th European Robotics Summit (virtual) on 22 April 2021 (14:00-16:30) as we delve into the topic:

"A new breed of robots - disruptive or simply opening new markets?

The event will include five pitches by a panel of experts and an in-depth discussion followed by conclusion and learnings from the day.

This year, due to the pandemic, the European Robotics Summit will be held as a virtual event that is distributed over three separate dates, as three separate modules, each module focusing on a distinct topic. The above event is the first of the three modules.

Registration is free and it is required. Please contact Fariba Khatami ( to register.

The finalized agenda/program will be available soon.

About the European Robotics Summit:

The European Robotics Summit has traditionally taken place at the Eberbach Monastery, a historical Cistercian abbey, in Eltville (close to Frankfurt, Germany). The Eberbach Monastery is the perfect place to go on a retreat away from the daily grind, and find the peace to develop strategies for future success. The summit has established itself as the only interactive meeting of its kind designed specifically for key-players of the robotics industry in Europe and invited guests. The two-day event usually focuses on three different topics of significant importance for the industry. 

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