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November 2020

European Robotics Industry Presents Its Vision of a Human-centric Future of Work

At its members assembly on Nov 6th, 2020, EUnited Robotics presented the "Good Work Charter of the European Robotics Industry". This is the industry's comprehensive perspective on the future of work/workplace by focusing on 10 areas to reap the benefits of robotics for a more human-centric, inclusive, and simply better work.

Ten focus areas to shape the future of work:

  • Working like Humans, Not like Machines
  • Humans in Command!
  • Development of Skills
  • Inspire Young People for STEM
  • Inclusion and Participation
  • Creating Opportunities
  • Human-Robot Collaboration and Fusion Skills
  • Ease-of-Use
  • Sustainability
  • Tackling Demographic Change

The public and media debates to date on robotics and automation have largely focused on massive job losses although this has not materialized. The new wave of automation and related technologies, such as human-robot collaboration, assistance systems, wearables and AI, will accelerate the journey toward an improved quality of life and work. But managing the transition is key, and should be included in such debates, so that people are not left behind as some jobs change, some jobs are lost, but many others are newly created. 

This is a challenge which is addressed by the European robotics industry in the Good Work Charter.

> View or download the "Good Work Charter of the European Robotics Industry"

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