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December 2014 | Robotics

Brokerage Event and General Assembly of euRobotics Members

On 9 December 2014, at the Brussels Expo - The Brokerage Event, organised by euRobotics, brought together around 300 stakeholders from 30 countries - ranging... read more

November 2014 | Robotics

The way ahead for robotics – Seizing opportunities, minimizing risks

hat are the opportunities and challenges for robotics in the upcoming years? How will the industry look like in 2025? How will new markets, new players and... read more

November 2014 | Robotics

Güdel AG continues serving on the Board of EUnited Robotics

EUnited Robotics Board members have unanimously approved the appointment of Walter Zulauf, CTO and Director of Güdel AG, as vice chairman of... read more

November 2014 | Robotics

ICT 24 Brokerage Event Registration and euRobotics General Assembly

There will be an ICT 24 brokerage event on Dec. 9th, 2014, aiming to bring together stakeholders from the robotics field to meet and discuss potential... read more

October 2014 | Robotics

Henrik. A Schunk on German TV - ARD Tagesschau

The Deutscher Maschinenbaugipfel (German Mechanical Engineering Summit) is one of the most important annual gatherings of high-level politicians... read more

September 2014 | Robotics

World Robotics 2014 - Latest Global Robot Statistics and Forecasts Published on September 30, 2014

The International Federation of Robotics (IFR) released the latest editions of the two separate studies of World Robotics (Industrial Robots... read more

September 2014 | Robotics

Robotics Community in Mourning

Loss of a true mentor and a great leader - It is with profound sorrow and regret to announce the passing of Rudolf Güdel, owner and chairman of... read more

September 2014 | Robotics

The First European Robotics Summit

The first European Robotics Summit initiated by EUnited Robotics will take place on March 3-4, 2015, at the Eberbach Monastery in... read more
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