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17 May 2021 | News

EUnited Cleaning Position Paper on Ecodesign Requirements and Energy Labelling of Light Sources - (EU) 2019/2020 & (EU) 2019/2015

The Technical Committee of EUnited’s Cleaning sector has recently published a position paper on the European Commission’s ecodesign requirements... read more

April 2021 | Robotics

European Commission's Proposal for AI Regulations

The Commission presented its proposal for AI regulations on 21 April 2021 aiming to turn Europe into the global hub for trustworthy Artificial Intelligence... read more

April 2021 | Robotics

Robotics Rehabilitation Device for ICU Patients - Winner of euRobotics Technology Transfer Award

VEMO (Very Early Mobilization), the first safe, AI-powered human-robot therapy in intensive care, was the winner of the euRobotics Technology Transfer Award... read more

March 2021 | Robotics

New EUnited Team in Brussels

We are pleased to welcome Klaus-Dieter Axt to EUnited as the new Head of Office in Brussels and Eleanor Mee as the new Membership and Communications... read more

March 2021 | Robotics

automatica sprint - Two Event Formats with One Application

The application process for automatica sprint has started, offering the community concrete opportunities to finally get together again and exchange ideas. In... read more

March 2021 | Robotics

EU Report on Advanced Technologies for Industry - Trends and Policies

In January 2021, the European Commission released the EU report on "Advanced Technologies for Industry" to provide an overview about the performance of the... read more

March 2021 | Robotics

European Robotics Summit 2021 - Part One: A new breed of robots

A new generation of robots is emerging fast and is now actually ready to use. The headlines range from “no-code robotics” and... read more

January 2021 | Municipal Equipment

Guide for identification of non-road mobile machinery and engines compliant with Directive 2016/1628 published (update of January 2021)

The Guide to Market Surveillance of NRMM Engines has now been updated to reflect the legislative changes introduced by Regulation 2020/1040. This new... read more
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