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March 2021 | Robotics

European Robotics Summit 2021 - Part One: A new breed of robots

A new generation of robots is emerging fast and is now actually ready to use. The headlines range from “no-code robotics” and... read more

January 2021 | Municipal Equipment

Guide for identification of non-road mobile machinery and engines compliant with Directive 2016/1628 published (update of January 2021)

The Guide to Market Surveillance of NRMM Engines has now been updated to reflect the legislative changes introduced by Regulation 2020/1040. This new... read more

January 28, 2021 | Robotics

"European Charter for Robots and Humans" Released by Engineering Association EUnited

The European charter for robots and humans working together has been officially released by the European Engineering Industries Association (EUnited). The... read more

January 2021 | Robotics

Call for euRobotics Technology Transfer Award 2021

The euRobotics Technology Transfer Award, now in its 17th edition, will take place during the European Robotics Forum on April 13-14 (a virtual event). The... read more

December 2020 | Robotics

automatica sprint - a New Agile, Compact, and Hybrid Event

The longer the pandemic with its contact and travel restrictions, and the surrounding uncertainty goes on, the greater the need for orientation, exchange,... read more

December 2020 | Robotics

German Standardization Roadmap on Artificial Intelligence

Germany is now the first country in the world to present a comprehensive analysis of the current state of and need for international standards and... read more

November 2020 | Robotics

European Robotics Industry Presents Its Vision of a Human-centric Future of Work

At its members assembly on Nov 6th, 2020, EUnited Robotics presented the "Good Work Charter of the European Robotics Industry". This is the industry's... read more

November 2020 | Robotics

Post-Brexit Product Marking in the UK

The United Kingdom has published various guidelines on the future UKCA marking of products, which will replace the existing CE marking after Brexit is... read more
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